Saturday, July 12, 2014

What I Did For Ice Cream

What I did for ice cream -- went through a tunnel (the one near California Ave. train station in Palo Alto).  The morning was chilly and overcast but quickly brightened with sunshine as we biked through nicely landscaped Palo Alto neighborhoods.

Oooh, Gate 3 with its no entry sign because that's where the aliens reside, also known as Palo Altoids.

Not an alien coming my way, though they could be hiding in the thick brush.  We had a fair amount of cyclists and cars on Page Mill Road today.  A lot of mtn. bikers too.  The weather was pleasant making the climb almost, dare I say, enjoyable. 

Guess what I finally found (thanks to Miss P and another cyclist). The water spigot!  Just look for the blue sky and the tree and hope there aren't any aliens lurking about.  Oh alrighty, look for the row of boulders and nearby are the Montebello and Los Trancos parks.    By the way, thanks to a club member, over at the Russian Ridge parking lot after crossing Skyline, if you go under the tunnel, you'll come to the visitor's center and it too has water.  Who knew. 

Lovely view for the descent before arriving at the club's annual ice cream social.  A couple of mouthfuls of Rocky Road and I was ready for my nap.  Funny thing, Page Mill used to be a challenge.  Not that I got up it any faster.  Doing Montebello last week was much harder.  Perhaps the weather was a factor, or the delightful members on the ride, or because I did it for ice cream.

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