Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Day for Pi a la Mode

Yesterday was Friday the 13th if you believe in that sort of thing.  Tomorrow is 30 days until last day to file taxes.  Today is, ta da, Pi Day!  Given today's temperature of 90 degrees, celebrating with a slice of pie and some ice cream sounds like a good idea but, water took the cake for me.  Where was I, oh yes,  I'll take being an irrational number over being square any day.  The Boyfriend is shaking his head.   Meanwhile ....

Lookey, new friends wanting to join Miss P's club outing today in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We had a guest join us and hopefully he'll join our club, too.  Mr. G. also showed up! We were on Stetson when we came across these sculptures.  Which reminds me, we met these male cyclists on Old Santa Cruz Highway who like to visit the dinosaurs.  No doubt they'd like to get my number, too.  Stetson is a beautiful road, full of redwoods and a good climb as well.

It was hot today, so hot, that I had to stop on Highland before Eureka Canyon, go back to the fire station (oh gosh imagine that) for water.  No doubt the firemen said of me, "Now there's a real number."  The gang met me at the Summit Store.  I guzzled more water.   Swell but sweltering time.

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