Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Ride with a View

Start of today's club ride. Hard to see perhaps, but, walk the plank, duck.  Walk it.

Thanks to Miss P. for discovering Country View, a climb I managed to do today, though I did walk a bit of it.

Yes, I like looking dorky.  Omg, I was so overdressed today.  No wind, and temperatures clearly close to 80.  Well, let's re-phrase shall we, I am so hot hot hot atop Country View.

And they're off, my fellow club members, onward to tackle Croy because we haven't had enough pain.  Adieu.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the view and our poppies.  And wished I was home in a bathtub of icecubes.

The reservoir teases me.

The giant fan teases me.  Did I mention that I am a hottie.

Oh lookey, after returning to the start (43 miles later), dinner awaits.

Or perhaps, duck for dinner.  Omg, these critters followed me all over the park.  As usual, I managed to finish last but I had a blast with Miss P. 

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