Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Man and I do Marin Headlands

Here I am at parking lot off Alexander Avenue, just past Golden Gate Bridge, waiting for The Boyfriend to join me.  Been awhile since we've done the Marin Headlands loop.  Perfect day for it, too.

We just biked that road.  Never tire of the view.  Of course The BF says he never tires of the view of moi, either.  Of course I ignore him.  Gotta keep your man on his toes.

Worth the drive from San Jose, eh.   Lots of cyclists out enjoying the fine weather conditions.

Here we go!  Down down down like a fast plunging rollercoaster.  

So we can see this sort of view!
No, it's not the French Riviera.  We're in Sausalito.  Can you tell I got my hair cut?  Fabulous outing. 

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Alison Chaiken said...

I'm visiting my Mom and getting my haircut next weekend in New England, but last weekend, I took a visiting Swedish friend hiking on Mt. Tam, which was lovely. The proximity of the beauty to our tech jobs here in Sili Valley continues to amaze me. Today I rode up Kings Mountain Road and Skyline Boulevard thinking, "I am not worthy."