Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our Sunday Stroll

Wildlife on Bailey Avenue, aka dinner.  Yum.  Behind the turkey, lupine bloom.

"The long and winding road ...."  We're here in Rancho Canada Del Oro, another spectacular Open Space Preserve.  I saw its sign once while biking along McKean Road and knew a visit was in order.  Mountain bikers also allowed and we saw a few.

Sculpture in the preserve, aka, a Pacific Madrone, I believe.  

More wildlife, aka, a butterfly with its wings of desire.

Not exactly the tree of life, eh, but still breathtaking.  On the way to the park, we saw Mr. Bill in his yellow banana biking on McKean.  He waved back. 

Another example of wildlife, aka, a librarian.  We enjoyed the 4.5 mile hike, including crossing the stream that no one told us about.  We managed to walk on rocks to get across without getting wet.  Well, I slipped and my shoe got a bit wet.  Of course, I'll embellish this story and tell The Boyfriend how it was a raging river and we barely got across the rapids while being chased by wild boar....

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