Saturday, March 21, 2015

Everything's Coming Up Flowers

Here we are climbing Mt. Diablo, Southgate in misty conditions for Donny's club ride.  A huge turnout.  Miss P. and I decided to stop at the junction and skip the remaining 4 miles to the top because we wanted to save ourselves for the big treat -- Morgan Territory.

Miss P. figured out alternative ways to get us away from traffic and enjoy spectacular views.  Here we are in the parking lot of CSU East Bay Concord campus. 

Beautiful.  The ground was littered with white petals resembling a snowstorm.  Despite our drought, we were blessed with green hills and wildflowers everywhere.

Lovely.  Miss P. found an alternative for our lunch stop as well, taking us to the charming town of Clayton.  We stopped in a park next to a market.  Perfect and much nicer than a congested shopping mall.

Beautiful purple flowers on the climb through Morgan Territory.  Boy those rollers through the woods were tiring.  Wait, wait for it .....

Why do I suffer each year doing this ride, and this year, in particular, feeling out of shape but slugging it out?  For this -- descending Morgan Territory.  It rocks.  54.5 miles and 5 hr 40 min. later, we were spent but happy. 

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