Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Road Trip to Mt. Shasta

Friday, July 31st

We're going up the country
We're going to some place where we've never been before
We're going to leave the city, got to get away
We're going to Mt. Shasta to play
(lines altered but based upon Going Up the Country by Canned Heat)

Yay, yay, yah, Miss P and I are off on another road trip!  The Boyfriend was invited but an illness prevented him from coming along.

We were joined by our favorite friend, Miss Navigator (voice guided GPS navigation from Google).  She steered us nicely, avoiding traffic jams and getting us to our destination -- Mt. Shasta Inn and Suites, within walking distance to downtown restaurants and Seven Suns Coffee and Cafe.

Photo of Seven Suns (from their Facebook page) where I got my coffee each morning.  A 3 minute walk.

Like last year, when Miss P and I went to Fall River Mills, we planned to pack in as much as possible, seeing the sights, doing hikes (great resource), and of course, the Mt. Shasta Century.  Miss A. chimed in and suggested a hike to do.

And like last year, we encountered soaring temperatures (my car registered 108 - 113 degrees) and fires to the east of us. We saw smoky skies. After unpacking, we walked around downtown, discovering that it seems to be haven for Grateful Dead types or hippies, crystals, tattoos, and more.  The city of Mt. Shasta is in Siskiyou County with its mountain looming above at 14, 179 feet.  Much to do in this area.   For dinner, we stopped in at Casa Ramos and then turned in for the night.   Tomorrow, our first adventure awaits. 

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