Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sassy Saltines

Note to Self:  Why?

Why did we choose to climb Mt. Ham to the Lick Observatory today when temperatures soared into the upper 90s?

It certainly was challenging in the heat. I didn't take photos but along the way, in the lower section, we had to pause at a stop light (the road washed out from winter rains; thus, only a single lane remains) and we also passed areas blackened and bleak from grass fires.  But here and there, a flower bloomed.

The last four miles were brutal because of the heat.  I wasn't the only one stopping numerous times. Despite all, I managed to get up in my usual time of 3 hours. My best was 2 hr. 40 min. a long time ago in another galaxy.

While I waited for Miss P., I met a fella.  No!  Of course.  A motorcyclist who kept me entertained.  I also met a couple who were looking for the other observatory.  Hmm, the other observatory?  They and my motorcyclist were in awe of us climbing Mt. Ham.  Miss P. arrived at the top looking quite pink and salty.  Just call us sassy saltines.  When I returned to my car, it registered 107 degrees.  What a day.

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