Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2008 Lighthouse Century

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Boyfriend did the Lighthouse Hilly Century and I did the Lighthouse Hilly Metric, a ride organized by the San Luis Obispo Bike Club.

The photo above and below were taken in his car yesterday. Our weather for the Lighthouse Century was mostly fog fog and more fog with peeks of sunshine occasionally. When I started the ride at some ridiculous hour (Thank you Mr. Boyfriend), my body was covered in fine dew from the fog along with a constant drip from my helmet for the first hour or so. But it wasn't really cold.

The route took us on Hwy 1, an incredible 9 mile descent on 46 (I think), a bit of a climb on Old Creek Road, Whale Rock Reservoir (no view due to the fog) and past the towns of Cayucos, Morro Bay, Harmony and Cambria. The 100 milers went onwards to San Simeon/Hearst Castle and of course, the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, none of which were visible to The BF, again due to the weather. Of course the fog did not obscure visibility of all the boys who I noticed, talked to or flirted with. Nothing like having a hand made license plate (with my name) on the back of my bike to get attention.

Self portrait on Hwy. 1 around mile 50 or so. I believe I was having the following thought, "If one more frigging insect hits my face, I'm gonna ...." They felt like pellets when cycling at high speeds.

Both of us steamed through this particular tour. Though The Boyfriend did 30 miles more than me, he managed to catch me at the last rest stop around mile 52 or so. Wow! Someone took our photo and some chicks said we looked so adorable together. Gag me.

My time was 4h 45 min. with 13.6 mph avg. The BF finished before me! Amazing. I sped into the parking lot at the end, calling out to the BF, "Yoo Hoo." Cyclists turned their heads. The BF tried to hide but I just yelled louder, "Yoo Hoo." Teasing him is so much fun.

Thanks to the event organizers, volunteers and fine food at rest stops.

Next up, another season of the Low Key Hillclimbs with this year's theme being Get Over It.

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