Saturday, October 11, 2008

West Alpine LKHC Week 2

Last week we were caught in rain for the Montebello ride. This week, an icy wind greeted us for the West Alpine ride. I, along with 75 men and 19 women, decided to grin and bear it but more importantly “get over it.”

I made my way down Alpine from the Russian Ridge parking lot to the starting point at Sam MacDonald Park. Naturally, I missed the entrance.
The BF: How could you miss the big brown wooded sign?
Me: Socializing is such a distraction.

Truth is, I was zipping up the hill, going 6 mph (that’s racing for me) when a blur of white and black soared past me - Tim C. out for a stroll. Sigh.
I started in the back of the pack. Would I continue my streak of not finishing last? Having never done this ride, I had no idea how I would perform. Oh the pressure. But, I had a goal for this ride: to do it under 60 minutes. Within minutes, more like seconds, I wondered, “Hey, where did everyone go?”
Ah, the joy of cold air in one’s lungs for 6.5 miles. With less than a half mile to the finish line, I wondered, “Where are those frigging orange cones that James P. said to look for?” (a thought I imagine others had as well). Like the week before, I was the last to start but not to finish. And, I met my goal coming in at 59.25. Get results and photos.

Motivating factor during the ride: Bath time afterwards with my bath toys.
Thanks to the volunteers and for another LKHC adventure.

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