Saturday, August 4, 2012

Marin Time

Time again to do the Marin Century.  Well, in my case, the 100k.  The BF and I have done this ride many times.  This will probably be our last for awhile.  Time to do other rides and see other parts of the world.  The weather today was odd, dark heavy clouds, wind, and a feeling that at any moment the heavens might open up with a stormy outburst.  This year, there were course marshalls out riding with us and plenty of SAG and good signage.  Very impressive and reassuring.

A month or so ago, I had minor surgery which kept me off the bike.  Additionally, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 hypertension despite a healthy lifestyle.  After many tests and one kidney ultrasound, all of which were normal (yay), my doctors concluded that I have extreme high blood pressure due to family history/genetics.  As one of my wonderful doctors says, "Sh*t happens."  Yep.  I'm on drugs and responding well.  I have headaches, I fall asleep at work and sometimes I can feel my heart racing.  You know what, I think the hot flashes and night sweats are ten times worse than having high blood pressure!  But, if I'm going to blow, I'm going to go out having a good time.

Thus, today, I gave it my all and I did better than last year but not quite as good as a few years ago.  Still, I'm pleased as punch even though no flirting took place on today's ride...I can see The BF smiling.  He had a good ride, too.

Just the stats:

59 miles with 3,830 feet of climbing (piece of cake compared to climbing in the South Bay)
12.7 avg mph (last year 12.5)
31 mph fastest (last year 31.5)
4 hr. 34 min (last year 4 hr 43 min)

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NadiaMac said...

We were in Marin today-Dan did the double and I did a short ride on the course later in the day. Nice job on the 100k! Sorry about yer bp, that sucks.