Monday, August 20, 2012

In Napa on the Tour Again

Sunday, August 19th

Almost every year, The Boyfriend and I have done the Tour of Napa.  Why?  Because it's a beautiful ride with just the right mix of rollers, incredible descents and climbs, and top notch food/support.  The weather was most agreeable this time, too.  Sigh, this year, no one wanted to play with me or talk to me, despite being adorable in purple clothing.  I tell you people, they missed out on me singing Led Zeppelin songs on Ink Grade.  I was so full of myself, even if no one else noticed, that I didn't need to stop at the last rest stop before the finish.  I arrived back at the start 1 hour after The BF (he also did the 100K) and my stats are similar to previous years which pleases me.  I checked my blood pressure and pulse and they were very low.  Yay.  Sadly, my BP numbers returned to bad readings later.  Oh well, such is life.  I would like to thank my chauffeur (aka The BF) for all the driving involved.

Just the stats:

67.71 miles
13.2 mph avg
34.5 mph descent
5 hr. 6 min

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