Saturday, August 11, 2012

Redwood Estates to Boulder Creek

 I'm writing out of sequence.  Will write about Cambria biking trip later.  Today, I and The BF joined Donny's club ride to Boulder Creek.  I've never done Redwood Estates off Old Santa Cruz Hwy.  Whew, tough.  I skipped 2 climbs because my heart simply couldn't handle it.  And everyone on the ride was feeling the heat even at 9am.  Above is somewhere in Big Basin State Park.  The route involved a lot of climbing, a similar route to the Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge.

 I was mostly by myself on the ride though at times, I met up with some of the club riders -- hello Christopher, it's been awhile.  And John was great, riding with me from time to time.  Oh lookey, setting up a wedding on Zayante.  I thought what the heck, why not be a wedding crasher.  They gave me some water though the champagne was tempting.

It came from outer space.  Somewhere on Zayante.  Haven't a clue but I'd like one for Christmas.  I caught up to 2 cyclists towards the end.  They were out of water and exhausted.  A lot of people have helped me along the way the last few years and so it was my turn to help them get back to the start.    The heat certainly took its toll.  We found a hose at the school and sprayed one another.  Wonderful.

Just the Stats:

62 miles
6511 feet of climbing
9.6 avg mph
32.5 mph on descent
6 hr 25 min

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Alison Chaiken said...

I kind of crashed an event today, too, although it was due to my cluelessness, not rudeness. I attended a company picnic where the food was being served inside a building. I tried to enter from the side where doors where locked and saw a bank of still-warm BBQs, one with a plate of chicken next to it. I was hungry and the chicken smelled oh-so-good, and I was eager to get inside and get a plateful. I walked further on, which turned out to be even more in the wrong direction. When I turned back, I saw the chicken again, and my resistance melted, as I grabbed a piece (one of two on the plate) and ate it is as I walked back, finally, to the correct door. Inside there were crap Costco hamburgers and such. "Are you a vegetarian?" a co-worker, asked. "No," I said, "but I already had some chicken," I answered. "There was chicken? Must have been gone when I arrived," he said. Then I realized I had eaten someone private food!