Sunday, August 12, 2012

Second ride in Cambria

Today, we set off to Cayucos via Hwy 1.  Great descent in which I reached 34.5 mph which is huge for me.

In Cayucos, the fog had yet to burn off.  Interesting range of temperatures from 67 degrees and perhaps a bit less along the coast to 109 in Paso Robles.   We also passed a town called Harmony of which the population was 11. 

In 2008, The Boyfriend and I did the Lighthouse Century -- my blog entry  but our views were completely obscured by fog and so, on today's ride, we had virtually no recollection and everything was new and fresh, much like a first date.   This is Whale Rock Reservoir, which we missed seeing during the Lighthouse Century.

We climbed Old Creek Road and sure, it was only 8 percent but it was frigging hot and there was one pitch that was clearly much more than 8%.  We had a short but sweet biking holiday.

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