Monday, August 20, 2012

No Guys in Geyserville

 Friday, August 17th.

The BF:  I'm taking you to Geyserville where we'll continue onward to do the Geysers.
Me:  I'm going to do some guys. Oh Goody.
The BF:  Uh, not exactly.

You got that right, Mister.  Not a man in sight for me to enjoy.  Instead, like last year's trip, 47 miles of mostly climbing.  Hmm, you call this a vacation?

Whew, hard work.  And you know what.  I wasn't aware until this bridge that I was in the wrong gear --- I was in the big ring. No wonder my legs felt tired and my heart hurt.  I thought it was my weenie blood pressure issues.  The BF promised to buy me something for my incredible effort.  I plan to send him a list of my demands but I should have demanded his credit card on the spot .... 

The BF beginning a descent. 

I recently had my bike tuned at Mike's Bikes.  Hunkomobile mechanics.  I had my handle bars re-taped with black tape.  I loved my white tape handle bars but honestly, not practical. 

As we left the Geysers, we entered wine country again.  Lovely.  And the best part of the trip was the stop at the Jim Town store for the melted brie and ham sandwich.  I don't even like ham.  I'm mostly a vegetarian but damn if it didn't make me happy!  An oasis even if there were no men.... boy that sandwich hit the spot after a grueling ride. 

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NadiaMac said...

awesome ride! Was it hot? Where did you stay? We want to go to healdsburg soon, having trouble finding lodging (we are apparently too last minute, or spontaneous, for this time of year)