Sunday, November 23, 2014

And Then There Were Five

Miss P and I thought it would just be the two of us climbing Sierra Road but then, poof, five male cyclists appeared suddenly, eager to join her club ride.  I loved the French guy's accent.  And Dwight was a sweetie to wait for me when I didn't make it through the light at Piedmont.  Another rider was someone I met on the Eastern Sierras trip.

Before we knew it, we were at the summit.  Sierra Road didn't seem as hard as it sometimes does.  I got up in 55 minutes which is the same time I had back in 2007 for a LKHC event.  Not bad, eh.  We didn't stick around for long at the top because the wind was almost icy.  Doing the backside was chilly, too.  I managed a speed of 30.5 mph somewhere, probably because I was cold and wanted to get down to the bottom as quickly as possible.  Notice that the hills are turning green!  That was a nice change. 

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