Saturday, November 8, 2014

Up and Down and Then Some

Today, I returned to Felter and Sierra Road, having missed out on doing both for the Low Key Hill Climbs series.   Donny's club ride had us going up Old Calaveras and into the park off Downing.  We stuck around for awhile watching the hang gliders doing drills.

Next up, climbing Felter to the summit on Sierra.  Look at all the calves.  Sweet.  I had some issues with my lower back.  Good thing I'm doing sit ups again because clearly my core has gone softy.

Ooh goody gum drops, a new climb for me.  Suncrest.  It's off Piedmont, and the other side of Berryessa.  It's half the distance of Old Calaveras and it seemed nastier or maybe it was because my lower back was screaming.  No problem with the lungs or legs.  I was only going 2.8 mph in some stretches.  Sigh.  That's just the beginning of the climb, by the way.

Last stretch was to go in reverse, this time, climb Sierra and sail down Felter back to Cardoza Park.  I didn't have it in me, so, I bid adieu to the group.  And wouldn't you know, I got a flat in my rear tire on Piedmont, about one mile from my car.   I do so love a new climb, thus, I'm happy.  Looking forward to doing it again with my abs of steel....

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