Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sashaying through Sanborn

After Miss P told me about her hike in Sanborn Park from Black Road off Bear Creek Road, I had to visit it, too.  What a treat.  The right park for a fall day.

My friend and I were short on time so we only did 5 miles.

I tested my latest SmartWool jersey and it was just perfect for the somewhat chilly weather.  We encountered several mtn. bikers and one road cyclist (I don't recommend this), plus a happy dog who left paw prints on my jeans.  We particularly like the sounds in the woods, from the leaves shaken by a gentle wind and twirling like snowflakes as they landed softly on the ground to the delicate noise of a small stream as it quietly flowed.  You could feel that the woods were alive. 

Lookey who we met.  Isaac Newt. Okay, bad joke.  I look forward to returning sometime and going further.  We're lucky to have so many parks in the Bay Area in which to explore and have adventures. 

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