Friday, November 28, 2014

Bike Friday

Black Friday?  No thank you.  Not interested.  I'd rather be doing a club ride, and that's exactly what I did, joining Miss P's Hicks and Mt. Um ride, including Shannon and Kennedy in Los Gatos.  The morning was foggy and cold but sunny in the areas we were headed.  I knew I might be a bit zapped from yesterday's Mt. Ham ride and boy was I.  I had to walk sections of the climbs.  I felt like dead weight upon my bike and loopy in the head.  What's great about our club is that people wait for you and care about how you're doing.  I really appreciated the camaraderie of this particular gang and I had a swell time.  Now, if you'd like to take advantage of shopping days and buy me something nice ....  I like flowers, diamonds, and chocolate.  an iTunes gift card works, too.

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