Sunday, June 14, 2015

Behold Djerassi

Miss A. concerned about my alien fixation invited me (and two other bodies of the male persuasion) for a day of art therapy.  Where you ask?  The Djerassi Resident Artists Program on Bear Gulch Road.  We opted to do the director's tour but there are a number of events throughout the year, both free and paid to dazzle you.  OMG, I was blown away. 

Our tour directors, a married couple full of stories, along with a lively bunch of people, began the day in coastal fog.  This sculpture as Miss A. (she has done the tour multiple times throughout the years) pointed out has succumbed to the elements and now leans. Still spectacular.

Me, atop one of the works of art.  It truly was fascinating learning about Djerassi, his family, the artists, having this opportunity to explore the terrain, learning about how one lives in an isolated hillside, and your neighbor is Neil Young.   We were only shown some of the art that artists have left behind.

I recognize that this is not an alien egg.  Clearly, it is a dinosaur egg with cracks, indicating hatching is imminent.  People, we need to move on.

So whimsical.  So playful.  I loved it.  The entire excursion was delightful.  Supporting our artists even when we don't understand their vision is so critical to making our our world a better place.  Some more photos of the today's outing are available here.

Ah, lookey, our own Stonehenge.  Okay, that's my take and probably not what the artist intended.  I had a discussion with one of our companions, he and I were in agreement about what pleased us.  And that is truly the beauty of art, it is in the eye of the beholder.  Find the time to appreciate something beyond your everyday ordinary life, go out and see an artist program like Di Rosa or your local museum.  Enjoy.

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Here are photos of some of these same pieces from 2001-2002: