Sunday, June 21, 2015

Let's Talk About The Fries

Yesterday.  Del Puerto Canyon (from Sperry Road, in Patterson).  It starts out like this.  Stark, as though you're in a desert.  The Boyfriend and I were itching to do it even though we knew the day would turn hot and we'd probably be uncomfortable.  We've done it before and I love this ride.

Soon, the barren landscape gives away to a canyon of rock, river, and trees.  The river though did not flow due to the drought.  I was feeling mighty full of myself, pleased to go at what I considered a good pace for me.  Well, according to The BF, I was going "slow."  Hmm.  This is when my eyebrow arched, and you know, when a woman's eyebrow arches, you're in deep doo doo.  I fired him as my boyfriend.  I often do that. And let me tell you,  he's not going to get any tonight, eh....

He shot off.  I labored on as the heat began to take its toll on me.  I felt dizzy.  I had to get off the bike and walk a bit.  A motorcyclist, quite charming, stopped to check on me.  Hmm, take note Mr. Boyfriend.

I got back on the bike.  I climbed, I sweated, I tried my best and finally made it to The Junction Cafe.  The Boyfriend was finishing up OUR lunch, a ham and cheese sandwich with french fries.  The cafe has the best food!  He had left me 4 fries and a one bite of the sandwich.  Apparently I took forever to get to the cafe and he ate most of lunch.  Apparently he and I did not go to the same kindergarten where one learns to wait and not eat until everyone is seated at the table.  I, of course, fired him again as my boyfriend.

The BF, full of fries, went on to do the backside of Mt. Hamilton, despite the heat. Me, given, that I only had four little fries inside me, chose to return to Patterson.  Okay, I also ate an apple, a banana, and drank a coke that The BF bought me.  I also chatted with some Alto Velo guys.  I get around.....

Truth be told, I was exhausted by the heat.  I took it slowly returning to Patterson, stopping now and then to enjoy the scenery.  I encountered hundreds of white butterflies fluttering in the wind, and joining me as I sauntered on.  In Patterson, I drank more water, realizing that I hadn't peed despite 8 bottles of water and one coke.  I scraped off suntan lotion and salt that had caked on me.  I waited and waited for The Boyfriend.  Eventually, I decided to go looking for him, in case something had happened.  I found him about 5 miles short of our start location.  He looked a bit crazed, but, afterall, he'd done almost 85 miles in the heat.  Amazing.  I was so proud of him.  Of course, he also had a plate of french fries to get by whereas I, only had 4 meager ones....  One wonders if I had a full plate of french fries inside me, might I have done the backside of Mt Hamilton.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Sure sounds like you made the right decision to turn around when you did and to rescue TBF. He should be glad you didn't go get ice cream instead. Luckily for me, yesterday's weather was more favorable for brief jaunt done towards the coast before heading to the memorial service.