Saturday, June 6, 2015

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Friday, June 5th

Guess where I am.  My first ever San Jose Giants game!  I can't wait.

Two men in orange await my entrance into the stadium.  Here I go....

A section of the Municipal Stadium.  Tonight was also fireworks night.  Imagine that, a game and fireworks.  I did look around carefully in the stands to make sure that no aliens were present.

Sitting in my seat behind home base watching the field getting prepped for the game. 

The team at their dugout.  Tonight they wore pink to support a Breast Cancer awareness campaign.  What a game.  Had to bring in two relief pitchers after three home runs in a row were scored by the other team.  Foul balls flew everywhere.  Some real nice plays as well, and lots of action, like one player who wasn't successful trying to steal a base.

Lookey, Gigante!  One season he was "voted Best Mascot in the California League during Minor League Baseball's Mascot Mania contest."  I didn't know what to expect besides watching all the action each inning.  Had no idea there'd be lots of entertainment.  We had stretch breaks dancing and jumping in our seats to music, kids announcing who was at bat, and more.

Like the two adults in the gigantic balls rolling down the field, just like my hamster Monster Pumpkin used to do many many years ago.  I have to figure out how I can get in one of those contraptions.  Dazzle me delighted.  Til the next game!

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