Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meeting My Prince in Princeton

My Prince, aka The Boyfriend, met me at Princeton Junction.  He took me to his swanky pad off Nassau Street in downtown Princeton where we celebrated Thanksgiving with an Indian meal.  No, the above photo is not his swanky pad but a shot of somewhere in Palmer Square in the downtown area.  Lovely historic and vibrant downtown.  Maybe Los Gatos or Willow Glen in my neck of the woods comes close to the look and feel but neither quite matches the quaintness of a East Coast town. 

Friday morning, we went to Jay's Cycles to rent me a Trek road bike.  I brought my biking shoes.  Cycling in Princeton reminded me of Virginia, especially where my brothers live -- dense wooded areas.  Except in Princeton, everyone lives in fabulous mansions with a lot of land; every other sign was for someone's farm.  I kept wondering, "who mows the lawn, and what are the heating bills like."  There were a lot of open preserve parks and solar panels too, much too my delight.  And signs about no fracking and no pipeline, too.  We lucked out with the weather on our 30 mile trek, very mild temperatures, though of course I was decked out in wool.

Time for some sightseeing.  No, no, no firemen....  Here I am at Washington's Crossing in Bucks County, you know, history, people, history!

Wow, I never thought I'd be here.  The Boyfriend sure knows how to romance me.

Here we are at Bowman's Hill Tower in Pennsylvania.  As I write this blog entry, I learn that the tower is closed today due to weather conditions.  Goodness.   I'm lapping up the history in any case.   Tomorrow is another day.

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Alison Chaiken said...

I ended up bagging Mt. Ham due to the cold. The temp was 39F when I woke up, and I couldn't face that descent. I rode out towards Pescadero instead. The amount of descending was about the same, I guess, but at least there were two segments with a climb in the middle.