Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Weekend Sightseeing

Time for sightseeing in Princeton.  Where, I ask you, are the firemen.... oh but wait, I have The BF to be an object of my affection.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, The Boyfriend and I went on 30 mile rides (Pennington and other areas) and then he showed me the sights.  He's used to biking hard and fast through the various townships while I wanted to soak up everything at a slower pace.  We saw live deer.  We saw dead deer.  Sunday's ride was a bit miserable because of the low 40s temperature.  My feet and hands were not happy.

Meanwhile, off the bike, he showed me Einstein's house, occupied by someone so we only viewed the exterior. Neato peato.

This is Nassau Hall, an impressive building, a campus and national landmark.  I loved all the architecture as I always do when on the East Coast.  The sense of history, you know.

We also drove through New Hope and Lambertville, two towns that reminded me of Old Town Alexandria in Virginia.  I wish I had taken photos showcasing their charm.  Above is the Delaware and Raritan Canal in Lambertville.  We had a swell time at the The Alchemist & Barrister, a pub in downtown Princeton.  Good food, good atmosphere.  Sunday saved for visiting the university and next blog entry.

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