Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Welcome to the Garden State

November 24, 2015

4am, I'm on Super Shuttle on the way to SFO.  It's 32 degrees in the Bay Area with frost on cars.  Missing out on LKHC Mt. Ham tradition but certainly not missing that's freaking freezing and there's snow atop the mountain.  5:30am, I'm at the airport.  At 6am, I'm at the gate ready to board at 6:10.  I wasn't sure what to expect having never traveled on Thanksgiving Day but everything went smoothly.  Two days ago, I was in a dentist chair because a crown fell out.  Phew, didn't need root canal surgery, this time. 

I'm on my way to New Jersey.  My mother went to high school in NJ and she took the train to D.C. for work.  She met my dad while commuting.  Oh goody, in flight entertainment.  No, there aren't any firemen aboard.  I shall sit back and watch lots of movies, like the latest Minions film.  The Boyfriend provided detailed instructions for what to do when I land.  I have to take the air train to the train station and then a train to Princeton Junction.  Everyone was super friendly and helpful.  Looking forward to a much needed getaway with my man.

(the photo was taken in Lambertville, a cute little town by the Delaware and Raritan canal, as was New Hope).

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Alison Chaiken said...

I went to high school in Doylestown, right adjacent to New Hope. That's where I used to ride my bike back in the 1970's . . .