Friday, July 28, 2017

Getting to Know Nevada City

In all the historic towns I've explored, whether in California, South Dakota, or elsewhere, there seems to be similar attributes that provide for an interesting trip and lots of memories.  Out of the mainstream.  Locally sourced organic produce.  Preserving history.    Funky names for streets, restaurants, cafes.

We were fortunate that our cottage was within walking distance to downtown.  We traveled this road nightly.

Here is the other end of that road heading into downtown.

I appreciated that the town is preserving its Gold Rush history and architecture.  This photo is of the Chamber of Commerce.  Like other small towns, Nevada City has two great coffee joints that we visited, the Foxhound and Curly Wolf.  We also took a moment to visit The Wheyward Girl Creamery (artisan cheese shop)  after I read an article in The Union, the local newspaper.

In a small town, you'll also always find a Chocolate shop as well as a homemade ice cream shop (no photos).  And yes, there were vegan options.

We ate well.  The BF did a beer tasting at the local brewery and I even tried and liked a cider.  The town also reminded me of my trip to Fall River Mills.  By this I mean, seeing hippy like people with loads of tattoos, who are into au natural though why they think smelling bad is a good thing is beyond me.  It is not natural to smell bad.  Folks seemed pretty laid back and enjoying the good life.  For the most part, drivers were considerate of us cycling on the roads, too.  I didn't see much in the way of diversity.  Bulletin boards were full of yoga institutes, classes for couple therapy and also, gatherings for women.  A bit too weird for me but whatever floats your boat I suppose.  Something I found odd though was the contrast between a healthy lifestyle and passing homes that I call trailer trash (junk in yards from broken down rusted vehicles to old bathtubs and couches strewn on lawns).   I appreciated the opportunity to take in the town and get to know it a bit.  It was a treat.  The cycling was spectacular, more of that to come.

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