Sunday, July 16, 2017

Heating Up with my hiking buddies

Oh the joy of another hot day.  Because I just didn't get enough yesterday, the story of my life, with the heat and climbing Henry Coe, I joined my hiking friends to tackle Santa Teresa County Park in the afternoon.  Crazy, no?  They are training for their annual Mammoth Lakes sojourn in September.  Me, I just show up because I feel like it.  Train for anything?  Don't make me laugh.  I believe I did keep them entertained with my best Carrie Bradshaw imitation and amusing conversation....  Can you see Mt. Ham in the distance?

Wow, I loved this park.  The entrance is the Pueblo Day Use turn off on Bernal.  I climb Bernal on the road bike now and then but never even thought about the park.  If you happen to be on your road bike, take a left and go the half mile (mile?) or so to the parking lot to refill your water bottles or use the restroom.  It's a climb out but not particularly hard, I think.  Apparently this is also a park for mountain bikers.  Our climb today began on rocky terrain, so, I guess there is some technical difficulty for mountain bikers. 

I certainly plan to return in the winter, when, a)  the land is green, and b) it's not 102 degrees.  My car registered 105.  We were fortunate to have a breeze.  The views are spectacular.  I only managed to do 4 miles.  The gang intended to do another 4-6 miles.  What another gem in our lovely valley.

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