Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nevada City Here We Come

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I don't know why I got it in my head that I had to visit Nevada City (learn more about this charming city here) for a biking vacation but here we are, The Boyfriend and I, arriving at the Piety Inn Cottages.  Our innkeeper Michael explains on the website that he was a hairdresser from the L.A. area among other interesting career choices before taking up residence in Nevada City.

Here is a side view of our cottage and parking space.  Nevada City and sister city Grass Valley are historic and vibrant towns where people from all over apparently go to retire.  I can understand the appeal:  it's quiet, it's remote/secluded, it's affordable and it's beautiful.  I can also say after visiting, while I loved our trip, I have no desire to retire here.

Our cottage is named Chestnut cottage -- each cottage is named after a nearby tree.  Boy did we appreciate the air conditioning each day.  By late afternoon, the heat is pretty intense.  We arrived at 12:30, too early to check in, so, we went for a 15 mile ride that allowed us to get a feel for the area and elevation.  We're already at 2477'. 

We lucked out with where we chose to stay.  Our cottage is the near the start (the local bike shop) for all the rides.  Thanks to Sierra Express Bicycle Club for posting fabulous accurate rides from which to choose.  Notice the name of the road that The Boyfriend is about to travel -- Rough and Ready Hwy.  We came across so many interestingly named roads like Idaho Maryland Road, and Rattlesnake, and Banner Cap Lava.

This is a scene that we would see over and over again.  Wooded roads.  Curvy roads.  A lot of climbing with fabulous descents. Wonderfully paved smooth roads.  From the moment we arrived, the smell of Ponderosa Pine tickled our nosed much to my delight.  So much more to report in coming blog entries.  Happy to be here for a much needed getaway.

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