Friday, September 18, 2009

As the Wheel Turns

Resisting the temptation to lounge about in my boudoir, I decided to behave, be disciplined, and go for a bike ride on my furlough day. The Low Key Hillclimbs are starting soon and golly geez, Dan and Ron still want me to be part of their team and that just made me want to get out and train. Sort of.

The plan was to do the Metcalf loop in both directions. I climbed in gears other than Granny, forcing myself to endure the strain, the pain, the flies, and the cries of Weenie Woman, remembering, as my wheels turned rather slowly, that I don't want to come in last for any of the LKHC that I do this year.

The day heated up much quicker than expected and after descending Metcalf, I didn't have it in me to continue the reverse loop, back up Metcalf to San Felipe and beyond. I simply wilted after feeling so good about my progress. Even the 4 male cyclists coming my way, with their damn fine bodies, couldn't persuade me to get my act together and carry on....


21 miles

31 mph on a descent

10.3 avg mph

2 hrs

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