Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hiccup on Hicks

Get this -- The Boyfriend and I began today's ride around 10am! No crack of dawn start today! I got to sleep in and I got to watch a t.v. episode of Julia Child roasting a chicken.

Certainly, the weather was more agreeable today than yesterday. We did the easier Hicks loop. "Easier" just means I probably won't topple over.

I so wanted to get up Hicks without getting off the bike. Halfway up, those horribly annoying buzzing flies descended upon me, no doubt I was an easy target given that I was only going 3 mph at the point when the climb becomes difficult. Buzz buzz buzz in my face, my ears, my mouth. I couldn't take it anymore and had to walk part of Hicks. A cyclist stopped to ask me if I was okay. Boy, I must have looked pathetic!

The BF also did Mt. Um (photo above). What a climber. I tried, I didn't conquer, I'll try again.


23 miles
11.8 avg mph
23.5 max descending
1.57 hrs.

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