Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 3 - Bryce to Escalante

Tuesday, Sept 1
Tour of Southern Utah with Planet Ultra - To Escalante
1800 feet of climbing

Considered firing The Boyfriend because he wouldn't let me stay in and watch the James Bond marathon on television.

We begin the entry into Escalante. This ride started at noon after the hike in Bryce Canyon. It was a short route. Oh get this, one of the cyclists recognized The Boyfriend - what a star!

Blood sugar dipped, thus, I ended up biking about 8 mph on a flat stretch for a bit. The BF babysat/chaperoned me as I churned along at a pathetic pace. But I made it to the summit and beyond.


47 miles
33.5 max
14.5 mph avg
3.14 hrs

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Alison Chaiken said...

I'm curious, did you feel affected by the altitude? I felt great on the first day and second morning of the Lake Tahoe Prologue in June, but on the second afternoon, altitude sickness hit me hard. Even if you didn't feel ill, I would think you could feel a difference at 7500'.

Did Bryan and Deb ride along with the group, or were they just operating the SAG? I enjoyed interacting with them on the Centuries that they run in southern California.