Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mighty Not on Montebello

Starting from The Boyfriend's bachelor pad, the two of us headed towards Foothill Expressway and onwards to Montebello. I wanted to time myself once again on Montebello since I won't be there for next Saturday's first Low Key Hillclimb. I'll be in Sonoma somewhere on a date with Levi L. doing his GranFondo ride. I say date because the man keeps sending me emails about the ride so clearly he wants me there with him....
The day was not as hot as yesterday (poor P suffered in the heat on her ride down south Saturday) but it was still too hot for me. I got through 4 bottles of water by the time I arrived at the top of Montebello (21 miles from start of ride) but no hottie flashes! There is a God ....
Last year this time, doing the LKHC, we were being rained upon and freezing on the way down. This time, I had to stop three times to cool off and I knew that I'd blow the attempt to do better than last year's LKHC results. And well, there were the usual attractions, I mean distractions.... Men, men, men, must they soar down the road looking mighty fine while I try not to look. Such games they play, in their tight spandex shorts and jerseys unzippered. And then there was the woman who wanted to chat with me about Dr. Seuss and how if I ever felt a need for shelter, I could go to her home on Peacock. The BF, too, distracted me, looking quite handsome and hence, the photo of him, an oversaturated exposure to keep him out of my thoughts and increasingly lame attempt up Montebello.
About a half mile to the top, I came across more men. Sigh. Well, not really.
Men: He's waiting for you at the top.
Me: Clive Owen!
Men: No, The Boyfriend and we should have waited for you, too, hot sweaty babe!
Me: I know, I know, men, they seek me here, they seek me there, they seek me everywhere....
Well, needless to say, I blew it in terms of beating last year's LKHC time of 55 minutes. 1 hr 9 minutes. I actually felt strong doing the climb but the heat blew it for me as well as my overall stats.
40.27 miles
31 max
11.3 avg mph
3 hrs 33 min.

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