Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 7 - The Last Day

Saturday, Sept 5
Cedar City to St. George
2580' feet of climbing

Sigh, the trip is coming to an end. But on an incredible high -- Snow Canyon.

There was some concern that the controlled fire that was actually no longer controlled would prevent us from cycling the last day. But rain and wind the night before cleared the way!

The BF snakes along. Notice how small he is in the first photo. Ah, the landscape.

More of the park. The day was becoming increasingly hot as we made our way back to St. George but apparently, below normal temps.

As we left the incredible Snow Canyon (believe me, the photos do not do justice), we entered the burbs and it was a beautiful way to end the trip.

What I learned:

I'll get there eventually.

Thank you Deb and Brian of Planet Ultra for organizing this tour. Thank you The BF for supporting Weenie Woman. Next year, we may do the Planet Ultra Northern Rim tour that includes the Grand Canyon.


84.5 miles
30.5 max
13.1 mph avg
6 hrs. 26 min.

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Alejandro said...

Beautiful photos and what sounds like a heck of a long ride! Thanks for sharing. Alej