Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 6 - It's All About Altitude, Baby

Friday, Sept 4th
Panguitch to Cedar City with Planet Ultra
4710' feet of climbing

Get out the oxygen masks! No not really. My cycling budette A asked about altitude sickness. Not a problem for Weenie Woman. Probably because in general, I am one dizzy woman (according to others) so the altitude did not faze me. :) Our climb was gradual. There was a point where my legs felt heavy but that was the extent of it. Far more important is that the last few hotels did not have clocks nor conditioner. Hello, how do you expect me to continue without proper hair conditioning?

Me at a high point. A bit cold and windy and clearly there had been some rain. But, you know what, I survived the 30 something degree weather of the Cinderella tour in Livermore, California, with my regular cycling budette P and so, this part of the ride was nothing. The Boyfriend and I were joined by S, a real hero, in my book. S, once weighed a great deal but he took it off, and then, unfortunately, was struck down twice by cars; he gained some of the weight back, but he is still out there, going strong. What a man.

Oh my, the view.

Cedar Breaks Summit. We made it to the top!

Another summit as we descend. It was an incredible descent, and not too technical. By the way, many of our routes ended with great descents to our lodgings. Super!

I stop along the way to capture the beauty of the descent. I felt like we were in Tahoe Country.

Oh my God people, my left ear got sunburned. What a day!


58 miles
32 max
10.6 mph avg
5 hrs 27 min

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