Friday, September 21, 2012

Lovely Lake Sabrina & Sensual South Lake

 Sunday, September 16th

 The Boyfriend and I thought we'd do Lake Sabrina and South Lake (a ride we missed having arrived when we did) while the gang did a hike or took the day off to rest.  It was 51 miles with 6,900 feet of climbing.

Lake Sabrina sits at 9,138 and the elevation for South Lake is 9,835.  This was a major climb, and scenic.

 Okay people, we did 5 miles and that was that.  Please, hold your applause. Shortest ride ever for both of us.  Lesson learned -- when you're in the Eastern Sierras, you will learn quickly to just hang out.  

On top of us both bombing, I was stung by a bee.  My hand ballooned, resembling the Pillsbury Doughboy.  The BF got the stinger out -- my hero. It was fun playing doctor....  later, I spent the afternoon shopping at The Mall, this being the middle of nowhere, meant, K-Mart.... still I found a great push up bra for future rides.  Yay, time for happy hour ....

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