Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whitney Portal

Tuesday, September 18th

Like the end of a fireworks show, I'm sending you a blast of photos of our last ride:  Whitney Portal (el. 8,371).  The route starts tame and ends up tough with an average grade over 9% for the last 5 miles. 

Me:  I don't see why I'm doing this, after all, I could be lounging poolside next to that lovely german boy, the one dressed up hot leather on his motorcycle.  I think I shall call him Dieter.
The BF:  Really woman, this is our last ride.  Make it epic.
Me:  Oh I can make it epic Mister, lounging poolside, in my bikini, with Dieter.
The BF:  Get on the damn bike and if you're lucky, I might wait for you at the top.
Me:  Oh sure, promises. 

I try to remember their names but so many men, so little time.   I must say that I was perhaps somewhat prompted to pedal a wee bit faster.  Listening to music from James Bond films helped.  Goldfinger....

Omg, this is frigging painful.  Had I not had Janet the last few miles to keep me in line, I'm not sure that I would have kept going.  It was far harder than Onion Valley.  Release me, please.  I had to get off the bike to pop my back several times.  I practically begged for mercy except even Mercy knows to beg me.

Ooh, lookey there's The BF.  Then again, at this point, any man would do....

We all made it to the top.  Yay.  And The BF waited for me at the top.  Of course, he did.  After all, I'm worth waiting for.   And then the grand descent.  Loved it.  

Hard to believe that only a few hours earlier, I was on that road.

Oh, look, Heaven.  My reward.

And then, thanks to an ACTC rider, we were treated to the beauty of the Alabama Hills, an unbelievable treasure.  My photos do not do justice to this tranquil road of delight. 

 Alas, our journey came to an end.  29.63 miles of sheer joy and pain.  I averaged 5 mph to get to the top.  And it took 3 hrs. and 41 min. to finish.  Later in the afternoon, The BF treated me to a date at the movie museum in Lone Pine.  Do go.  Many a western was filmed in this area along with contemporary films, such as, Tremors and Iron Men.  One last happy hour and farewell until next year.

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NadiaMac said...

What a great trip! How many vertical feet is the Whitney climb? Pictures are amazing!