Sunday, September 23, 2012

Onion Valley Road

Monday, September 17th

"In just 13 miles, we'll climb 5,200 feet to Onion Valley Road (el 9.200)."  Oh alrighty, if you insist....  The start of this climb began in Independence, CA. 

Altering the lyrics to Cracker's Teen Angst:

I don’t know what the world may need,
And I never grasped your complexities.
I’d be happy just to get up this frigging road...


Again, as my back twitched with pain, I relied on Cracker's Teen Angst to keep me going:

And, I don’t know what the world may want,
But your long, sweet body lying next to mine
could certainly raise my spirits.

Okay people, my kind of ride.  Rugged.  Manly.  English accent.  Oops, I'm describing The BF....

It took 3 hrs. 29 min. to do 26 miles.  4 avg mph to get to 9,200 feet.  Wonderful descent.  Loved it.

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