Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eastern Sierras - Bristlecone Pine Forest

Monday, September 16

Ah, time to do Bristlecone.  The gang met in Big Pine to tackle this climb.  Any cyclist who has done this ride will tell you it is hard, psychologically and physically.  24 miles of climbing, with a mix of 6-8% for the first section (in which you don't realize you're climbing until later when you descend), with a middle section that is flat, and a last part that is grueling (lots of ups and downs, plateaus and so forth).

Having experienced this ride last year, I knew what to expect.  Other first time cyclists found it challenging and some needed to stop repeatedly.  Bristlecone Pine Forest is a 48 mile out and back, beginning at 4,000 feet and finishing at an elevation of 10,100.  6600 feet of climbing.

The Boyfriend and I started out together before the others since I knew that eventually they'd catch up to me.  The BF likes to start out slowly, nice and easy, and then, go for the bang, if you know what I mean. Me, I just want to last and make it up as far as I can go.  Naturally, we engaged in a conversation --

The BF:  How about you meet me afterwards at Happy Hour, wearing a dress and high heels?
Me:  Sure, if I don't meet a fireman along the way.
The BF:  Sigh.

Well, I made it to the Vista Point and then some.  That was my goal.  I met my man coming down from the summit.  I managed a total of 43 miles. This climb was hard.  I could barely sing, something I like to do on rides.  We were assaulted by hot and strong headwinds on the way down.  Maybe I met The BF later for Happy Hour, wearing a dress and high heels and just maybe, he got lucky.....

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