Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eastern Sierras - Horseshoe Meadows

Saturday, September 21st

Awoke to a forecast of dangerous winds, and alas, the last ride of the trip, a road not traveled before, Horseshoe Meadows, was abandoned.  See the zigzags in the photo above -- that would have been the journey, or at least the first part, since the remaining section is on the backside.

A bit of beauty from the backside, as seen in a car.

And the long descent, keeping in mind that it must be one fun time going down but a long haul going up.  Just the stats:  47 miles from Lone Pine with 6800 feet of climbing to the summit (10,080).  This road is far more exposed than Whitney Portal and Onion Valley.  The weather is always a factor.  The views are spectacular.  Oh well, perhaps another time.

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