Monday, September 23, 2013

Eastern Sierras - Glacier Lodge

Saturday, September 14th

So, the day before, the conversation went something like this (of course The Boyfriend will disagree) --

Me:  I need a chauffeur to take me to Dick and Donna's Eastern Sierras trip.  You'll do.
The BF:  At your service, Ma'am.
Me:  Damn right, Mister.

Of course I ended up in the trunk on the way....  we had to go over the Sonora Pass since Yosemite was still closed to traffic because of the fire.  Lots of signs thanking our wonderful firefighters.  We smelled smoke for only a few moments and we felt blessed to be rained upon as we crossed the Pass.  Thank you firefighters and Mother Nature.

We arrived too late for Happy Hour also known as cocktail time with chips and dip.  We ate a good meal at Whiskey Creek and settled in at the hotel in thriving Bishop.  This is our third time doing this fabulous cycling trip; this year, with rides we hadn't done in previous years.

Hard to spot but there are cyclists in this photo.  Our first climb, for the Eastern Sierras trip that Dick and Donna lead each year, was a new one for us -- Glacier Lodge. From Lone Pine, we climbed 11 miles (and then 11 miles back down). Elevation 7800 (starting at ~4000 feet) with 3900 feet of climbing. Here's a video someone posted of their drive up this road.

I started out fast and hard, and full of myself until about half way up when altitude sickness got me.  Can we say "fun".  I don't think so.  I was hit with stomach cramps and a feeling of incredible stupidity in my head.  I felt like I was moving in slow motion, struggling under water, but, darn it, I wanted to finish, and I pulled myself together and arrived at the summit.  As you can see, we were blessed with great weather and no winds.  I managed 37.5 mph somewhere on the descent.  And back in time for Happy Hour!

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