Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eastern Sierras - Mosquito Flat

Sunday, September 15

Today, The BF and I, along with a few other cyclists decided to bike to Mosquito Flat via Rock Creek Road, which is the highest paved public road in California.  Another new climb for us.

 We started at 7,000 feet beginning at Upper Rock Creek Road.   Actually, we started at 10,000 feet (but we should have started at 7,000 feet).  The temperature was 55 degrees!  And obviously, the air felt thin besides cold.

After only cycling 2 miles, we came to the end  (elevation 10,220).  Our friends were nowhere to be found.  Oops, we did something wrong since the climb should have been around 10 miles or so.  We enjoyed a leisurely swing around the lake and then went down to find our friends.  We found one another!  We turned around and climbed back up.  It was pretty comical, the mix up on our part.  Our friends had their well earned dessert from the legendary Pie in the Sky Cafe.   Maybe next time, we'll do lower and upper Rock Creek Road and then, enjoy a slice of pie. 

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