Sunday, September 1, 2013

Field Trip

Miss A and I drove to Milbrae and took BART for a visit to the Asian Art Museum.  I've never been so I looked forward to our field trip and I certainly was not disappointed.  Later while on BART, we had a discussion about taking Caltrain (to go completely car free) and using the new Bay Area Bike Share program.  Miss A. has the Spotcycle app on her mobile device.  It locates bike stations, bike paths etc.  Nifty! 

Upon arrival at the museum, the big hunky sexy security guard informed us that our visit was free!  Turns out the first Sunday of each month is free.  I wondered if the security guard was free later...

Miss A. wanted to see the In the Moment Collection (on loan from Larry Ellison) and I wanted to see The Cyrus Cylinder exhibit.  It is touring around the U.S, on loan from the British Museum.  The full title is:  The Cyrus Cyclinder and Ancient Persia:  a new beginning for the Middle East.   The British Museum has a video and more information about this artifact is available from the Asian Art Museum

We were treated so nicely by museum staff. Everyone wanted to help us.  I went up to the Information Desk to ask the very good looking man if I was permitted to take photos.  He said of course.  I said really!  He said, "I just made your day, didn't I."  You sure did ....

Scary warrior.  Upon closer inspection, not possible from this photograph, was intricate silk woven patterns.  One can only take in so much so we didn't see all of the exhibits.  But what we did see was just beautiful.  I certainly plan to return.  Before we left, we completed a survey using an iPad and were treated with a postcard for our participation.  Swell field trip with Miss A!

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