Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bike Like a Green Ninja

Given the delightful weather we've been having in the Bay Area, The Boyfriend suggested we do Mines Road in Livermore, knowing that it would neither be too cold or too hot.  I, of course, was concerned with the remoteness, you know, the possibility of The Aliens being in the area ....

But temptation persuaded me especially since the pros recently did this road for the Amgen Tour of California and I really do love the ride.  You climb for about 30 miles, sometimes gentle inclines, sometimes a bit steeper and then take a break at the Junction Bar and Grill, hanging out with motorcyclists. 

Plus, there's always these fellas.  Omg, we watched with fascination and disgust as the wee ones yanked on Mommy's teats.  Me, I was no kid.  I was no weenie!  How's that you ask?  Well, wait, wait for it .....

I am a Green Ninja! (a climate-action superhero from SJSU, well, in the making!)  I roared.  I soared.  Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but, I sure did blast away especially since we didn't encounter much wind, nor any aliens. 

Hard to see, but it says, "Bike like a Ninja" and that I did.  More information about the successful Green Ninja:  the laugh aloud and educational videos and the wonderfully inspirational team at SJSU

We had a great outing especially since we did not see any aliens but we did see lots of wildflowers and beautiful scenery, and I was on track again, doing 55 miles in 4 hrs. and 57 min.  Respect your environment.

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