Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another Day in Paradise Continued

Thursday, Sept 8th

After coming down Gibraltar Road, we meandered through neighborhoods and stumbled upon all kinds of funky art, including this mailbox (his bum is the slot for mail).  The roads we took were mostly downhill and quite a treat after the long haul up Gibraltar.  

We eventually came upon a bike path near the sea.  Santa Barbara is really pretty like all the seaside towns of California, each though having its own unique flavor.

Biking closer to the heart of downtown parallel to Cabrillo Hwy.

A moment in the sun and on the beach.

At the pier. We didn't have time to stop.  My mom and I vacationed here Sept 2001 and I would have liked the chance to explore a bit more and revisit places we saw. I'll have to return.  In the evening, we found a great Italian restaurant (Via Maestra 42) around the corner from Motel 6.  In a strip mall. The owner was from Piedmont, Italy.  Nice way to finish the day after doing 35.66 miles.  Tomorrow we leave for Cambria.

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