Saturday, September 17, 2016

Winding Down in Cambria

Friday, Sept 9th

Last day of vacation.  We've left Santa Barbara and are in Cambria, specifically we're at Linn's for some olallieberry pie.  We planned to do a big ride today but time and fog were not on our side.

So, after a slice of pie, we took on the challenge of Santa Rosa Creek Road.  I'd love to see this when it is green and full of flowers as Miss P. did several months ago.

Please,  please, no applause.  Boy, Santa Rosa Creek Road seemed longer this time.

Just like a scene from the Hitchcock movie.  Didn't stick around too long.

Finally, at the intersection, Hwy 47 that will take us back to Hwy 1.  After a bit more climbing, the great descent down Hwy 47.  Little wind and not too much traffic made for a fine ride.

Losing the blue sky as the fog and cool temperatures return.  Glad I wore my wool jersey.  We did 30.5 miles.  Alas, the trip has come to a close. 

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