Monday, September 12, 2016

Figueroa Mountain

Monday, Sept 5

As I mentioned in earlier posts, The Boyfriend took on all of Mt Figueroa while I went in a different direction and at some point, we would meet on the mountain, assuming I didn't meet some men along the way or other distractions that might cause me to detour....

I started the climb.  The reason I'm going in this direction is because the route The Boyfriend is taking is full of steep pitches and sheer drops, much too frightening for me.  Which is not to say that my climb was easy peasy. 

Onward I go despite meeting some fellas, full of encouragement ....

Chugging away, taking in the views.

Lookey, there he is, coming my way.  I managed to do 32 miles, he around 50 I think.  It was a work out.  The BF said his legs felt spent.  In the evening, we had a good meal at an Irish pub in Solvang and a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow, another ride awaits.

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