Thursday, September 15, 2016

Harris Grade Here We Come

Tuesday, Sept 6th

Off on another ride today in Solvang, beginning with a favorite -- Santa Rosa Road.   We passed the Sanford winery and later in the evening, I would have a glass of its chardonnay.

About time that I saw some alien pods. Oh alrighty, it's spaghetti squash.  On today's route, we came across many a farm, from strawberry fields to various lettuces and squash.  We decided to vary the route by cutting across Rucker Road, a slice of suburbia (in the Lompoc area)  in which conscientious homeowners had let their lawns go brown or had planted drought resistant plants.  Kudos to them.

Rucker Road took us to Harris Grade, a climb we've never done.  It was wonderful.

More of Harris Grade.  It was not difficult but it was long.  The weather was perfect and that always helps.

Harris Grade was scenic, from rocky to forest.  My kind of climb.  And little traffic.

With great views.  Imagine what this must look like after the rains have come.

Weeeee, down The Boyfriend goes with me soon to follow.  Not too much in the way of winds but it took some time to finally arrive in Los Almos for a lunch break.  The BF was feeling it in his legs from climbing Mt. Figueroa the day before.  We rode 60 miles today.

This is our last day in Solvang.  We had dinner at the Solvang Brewery and afterwards, The BF got a gelato from Cafe Dolce.  It was nice to finish this leg of the tour doing a different ride. Tomorrow, we're off to Santa Barbara.

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