Friday, September 16, 2016

Situated in Santa Barbara

Wednesday, Sept 7th

Here we are at the Motel 6 in Santa Barbara.  Okay, that's not Motel 6.  It's the lovely Santa Barbara Inn but a girl can dream, right.  Actually, the Motel 6 was fine.  We planned a 15 mile ride to do while waiting for our room to be ready.  Let's talk comic disaster.

But first, I loved this church because it seemed so out of place, like it belonged in Princeton.  Meanwhile, back to the story.  The Boyfriend spent an hour or so on his laptop trying to map out how to get to the route we planned for today.  I was like, let's just get on the road and see where it leads.  Well, despite his efforts, we got hopelessly lost.  You make one wrong turn on a mountain road (Sycamore Canyon) and you're done.  We did see lots of what's make Santa Barbara a beautiful destination.  And discovered that Santa Barbara is very bike friendly. It was the first time that I was ever so pleased to have bought a smarty phone because believe me, I was pulling it out every 5 minutes to figure out where we were and how to get back to the swanky motel.  I love Google Maps and the lady talking to me but I want to get the guy with the sexy Australian accent that my friend has on her phone....

Anyway, in the evening, like a pirate, I made The BF walk the plank, a 2.5 trek to a restaurant that turned out to be closed.  So, we found somewhere else to have dinner and we took an Uber back to the motel; my first Uber experience.  Ha ha, either the guy's algorithm was bad or he was, because by this time, we knew how to return to the swanky motel but he didn't and on top of that, his Uber got a flat.  Like I said, the day was a comic disaster but still delightful when spinned properly.  Tomorrow is another day.

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