Monday, September 12, 2016

Postcard Pretty

Monday, Sept 5

Like two ships in the night, The Boyfriend went on his merry way to tackle all of Figueroa Mountain while I, being me, chose to play bike tourist and only do some of this monster of a climb.  So, here I am taking a moment to visit Mission Santa Inez on the outskirts of Solvang.

Lovely, yes.  And notice the perfectly blue sky as well.  As noted earlier, after this quick stop, I biked Armour Ranch Road, a road much like a rollercoaster.

This ride has it all, from horse ranches to

curvy roads with great views and

vineyards plus

Shetland ponies.  I seriously thought about ditching the bike and asking the little fella to take me to meet The Boyfriend.  I'm about 15 miles into today's ride.  Next up, the climb.

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