Monday, September 15, 2014

Eastern Sierras - Crystal Lake Hike

Monday, Sept 8th

Today, most of our group decided to do a hike, starting at 9,020 feet, in Crystal Lake, a short drive from Main Street in Mammoth Lakes.  It was a "take it easy day" or do what you want day.  Good thing because the weather was iffy and we got rained on a bit.

The BF and I only did 2.6 miles but boy it was stunning every inch of the way, except for the smell of horse doo doo. 

The sky turned gray but the scenery remained spectacular.

A view of the lake.

A view of The BF.  The sun came out and blue skies returned briefly.  What I love about this trip -- incredible vistas, hang out with nice people, bike, eat, sleep, recharge the batteries, and repeat.  Pretty darn simple way of life and much appreciated, at least for a short while.  Vacation -- it does a body good.

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